Nifty stuff

Mijello Waterbucket 1,5l ,  3 seperate Slot

Handbank 40x2,5x1cm Wood

Grayscale Finder DIY














a Grayscale Print-out on a  High Gloss paper ,

glued on 8x10x0,3cm cardboard , cut out the slots and a spray of fixative go............

Value Finder DIY

























600 grm Testpaper 2 x 6x6cm cut out2x2cm and a spray of fixative and you go..
















6X6cm Mirrrow DIY 

a scrap one , Make Up Beauty Box

Landscape Compositions Finder  DIY

Plein Air Stuff










Folding Version 1.0  Size 16x16cm

Design & Development by by me  :)


Basicly a  full 30x27cm dark  1mm Card Board 


4cm Frame size with white marks in 5cm distance


Primely for Landscape work aswell with  a 1/2 turn mulitple purpose , in Portraitpainting :)


Funktion : Folding  to 16x16 cm is a suiteable carrying size.

Texture Tape ( Icehockey Tape is perfect) is used as floating hinge to flip  the strips .

Do keep the strips together , small clamps with rubber bands safen it.

Open Up the 2 frame-parts and the clamps hold it in size you choose.

Its sturdy easy to build and sometime useful @Plein Air painting , if you like fast set a leadpencile frame on your Watercolorpaper and use constand papersizes up to  34x31cm then place marks on outbounds for  Golden Ratio :).


Landscape Compositions Finder  DIY














Size Extreme 34 x31


Why 2 Parts + clamps ?


The give you the freedom of sizing the frame in same manner you use papersize up to 34x31cm ,one frame-part has the possibility to use as a outdoor ruler or even you need just a straight line.


Clamps are the smallest one and belong to hold the 2 Frame - parts together . In case of emergency there are to left .... :)

Landscape Size  Finder  Grid DIY


Clear grid window, black / white

16x16x0,5cm Card Board


Red / green grid window

not shown now Value finder on shadows


simple Grid , 0,5mm ClearFoil x textmarker


Black/White  Value change of light



Landscape Size  Finder  Grid DIY


This is not quite white :)

more creamy like my Boardtape is....

Foil red for shadows ...

all the Finders ready to go ...


packing Size 16x16x1cm  weight near nothing


  • safes money#
  • easy build
  • your gear outdoor is overcomplete :)
  • if lost not much of to thing about > build new one
  • size and weight appropirate
  • all covered with fixative , water abherent Hairspray
  • and fun to use...


Workhorse I


29x20x0,5cm Card board Frame layout . Golden Ratio .

Workhorse II


The Bricklayer Ruler


Spare of a 5mm Cardbord Strip  ,


Cutout slots , the size of brick is needed verry handy  on large oudoorwalls work.


Ps.: ! Frontshape is cut with an angle to provent the fluid go under the ruler.

...would work on any cutable shapes ....


Workhorse @ Table  DIY 

Kitchen Bottle Board "Björn" from Ikea























Size 40x24cm

DIY upgrade

40cm x 2,5cm x 0,5 cm Balsa wood strip mount on Björn. Angle adjust : Plastic textil ribbon , no flex!

 2xDrillholes 1 drilled down to tighten the Ribbon , 2 Woodhole &Textil ribbon no spezial fixition needed , fits tight. Angle from 1--45 degree

Why i use this .. I use a big large Drawing Bord on that aswell , so i can go all my small board sizes on this backup and the large ones.

The nifty thing is  it´s folds together in second and store away by size 40x24cm nearly flat and the cutouts reduce wight.. .so can travel with easy.















Fit the Angle .. just use one of the free apps for your phone / tablett....pull the Ribbon slightly . done .

Mainly i use this on plein air work to level the easle if needed.


Ps.: to the right you see my wash board


Glas cups from the fifties for Blues - Greens - Yellows

Plastic cups for all the others ...

2 of the Workhorses Brush

Nr.: 10 B Cosmotop Mix B , Nr.: 8 Maestro Da Vinci ,

DYI Tip : Two cuts with a soldering iron gives a nice well in a plastic cup :)......the Woodbord is a former Carpe Diem Softdrink display .








more Watercolor paintings

fresh from the easle...



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