DIY Sketchbook

A New Design is born ....Recycling of a Vynil LP Record

What you need

2    X  31cm dim. Records

1     X  Paper of your choise

1     X   1,5m breaded Line

1     X   Needle

1     X   Drill 3mm

1     X   Stanley Nife

1     X   Ruler

1     X   Time ~ 60 min.

Find size of your Sketchbook , prepare paper of your choise in single Sheets .Design Cover

Coptic stiching see on-line tutorials...


Vynil Record LP DIY into Sketchbook

Step 0.1

Cover  Step I

Step 0

Paper Step I

Paper Coptic Stiching Step 2

adding Backcover.done.



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updated  11/16