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Ready made Panels

AB Panels

Watercolor paper is mounted to the panel using a reversible conservators adhesive. The adhesive forms an archival acrylic water proof barrier between the paper and the panel. The paper can be removed from the panel at any time in the future.

The rigid panel protects the art work from damage by preventing the paper from being punctured, dented, or torn. And it insures that the paint films will be kept from flexing and cracking.

Paper lies perfectly flat with crisp clean edges that are straight and square. There is a profound presence in a painting or drawing done on our art panel mounted with Arches hot press paper.

Art hangs without framing. The back of the panel has recessed slots to hang it flush to the wall in either direction without the need for framing. Panel can be hung framed or unframed. AB


Gessoed Cavans-Board

Schmincke Watercolor  AQUA-Grund fein

      Reinacrylat-Dispersion, Füllstoffe, Additive, Wasser
      Grundierung für Aquarellarbeiten auf fettfreien Untergründen, wie z.B.Maltuch, Holz oder Pappe
    Eigenschaften:weiß,glatt,matt,elastisch,licht,und alterungsbeständig
   Verarbeitung schichtnweise,Vor Gebrauch schütteln,oder gegebenenfalls kurz umrühren.
     Sollte in mindestens 3 Schichten pur auf den Untergrund aufgetragen werden.
     Wird verdünnt (max. 10 % Wasser), so sind mehr Schichtenerforderlich.
      (Die vorherige Schicht sollte vor demAuftrag einer weiteren immer vollständig durchgetrocknet sein!)
Nach dem Trocknen direkt mit Aquarellfarben übermalbar
Das ungetrockneteProdukt kann bei Bedarfmit Aquarelltubenfarbe oder Acrylfarbeabgetönt werden.
     Das Produkt darf auf keinen Fall in Aquarellnäpfchen gelangen!
     Unbedingt separat auf einer Palette anmischen!
      Das Produkt ist wassermischbar, trocknetaber wasserunlöslich auf.
      Arbeitsgeräte direkt nach Gebrauch mit Wasser bzw. Wasser und Seife reinigen.
      Das Produkt sollte nicht unter 10°C Objekt und Raumtemperatur angewendet werden.


Paper Cottton Mix Media

The thickness of a sheet of paper is indicated by its weight, measured either in grams per square meter (gsm) or pounds per ream (lb). The standard weights of machine-made paper are 190 gsm (90 lb), 300 gsm (140 lb), 356 gsm (260 lb), and 638 gsm (300 lb).

  1. Watercolor paper is divided into three categories according to the surface of the paper: rough, hot-pressed (HP), and cold-pressed (NOT).

    As you'd expect from the name, rough watercolor paper has the most textured surface, or most prominent tooth.

    Hot-pressed watercolor paper has smooth surface with almost no tooth.  surface.

    Cold-pressed watercolor paper is sometimes called NOT paper (as in not hot pressed). It's the paper in between rough and hot-pressed paper, having a slightly textured surface.

    Soft-pressed watercolor paper is in between hot-pressed and cold-pressed, with a slight tooth. 

    60% Cellulose

    80% Cellulose

    100% Cellulose


Rag 100%

Rags were once a precious commodity as they were the raw material of papermakers of yesteryears. But let's be clear, only nice, clean rags are used and sorted into specific categories according to their characteristics (thickness, colour, etc.).

e.g. Arches® Watercolour is the world reference for watercolour paper. It is a top quality 100% cotton paper.

The use of traditional mould-made manufacturing techniques gives it a harmonious, but varied grain, close to handmade paper.

Fibres are evenly distributed, making the paper more stable and restricting deformation. Thanks to its dimensional stability the paper relaxes evenly when moistened.

A unique gelatine stock-sizing technique is used on Arches® Watercolour paper enabling it to withstand scraping and show colours at their best.

Weight or thickness

Available weights: 185, 300, 356, 640 and 850 gsm

Colours and textures

3 available textures: cold pressed, hot pressed, rough grain

Recommended techniques

Ideal for: watercolour


  • Sheet: from 56 x 76 to au 101,6 x 152,4 cm
  • Roll: 1,13 x 9,15 m 
  • Pad: from 10,5 x 15,5 cm to 46,61 cm
  • Album: from 19 x 26 cm to 26 x 36 cm

paper basis weights
relative weight pounds/ream
(22"x30" only)*
grams/meter 2
(any dimensions)
rice paper . ~30
text paper . ~120
. 80 170
light "90" (87) 185
. "90" (94) 200
. 130 280
medium 140 300
. 190 400
heavy 260 550
. 280 600
board 300 640
. 400 850

TXT by Handprint

watercolor paper formats
name inches centimeters ratio
(W/H) (H/W)
Quarter Sheet 11 x 15 28 x 38 1.36 0.74
Crown 15 x 20 38 x 51 1.33 0.75
Half Sheet 15 x 22 38 x 56 1.47 0.68
Demy 171/2 x 221/2 44 x 57 1.29 0.78
Medium 18 x 23 46 x 58 1.28 0.78
Royal 20 x 25 51 x 64 1.25 0.80
Elephant (UK) 20 x 27 51 x 69 1.35 0.74
Super Royal 20 x 28 51 x 71 1.40 0.71
Full Sheet (Imperial) 22 x 30 55 x 76 1.36 0.74
Single Elephant (USA) 253/4 x 40 64 x 102 1.60 0.63
Double Elephant (UK) 27 x 40 69 x 102 1.52 0.66
Double Elephant (USA) 29 x 41 74 x 104 1.41 0.71
Antiquarian 31 x 53 79 x 135 1.71 0.58
Emperor (USA) 40 x 60 102 x 152 1.50 0.67
Source: Sylvie Turner, The Book of Fine Paper (1998).

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