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In this exhibition, the Albertina is showing 150 works that represent what one could unreservedly call the pinnacle of Austrian 19th century watercolour painting. The patron was Archduke Johann (1782-1859), who commissioned several artists - including Jakob Gauermann, Matthäus Loder and Thomas Ender - to serve as “personal painters to the Duke” (“Kammermaler”). Their duty was to produce depictions of the Alpine regions, first and foremost the Duchy of Styria. This resulted in a collection of the finest quality that began in 1802 and is composed of nearly 1,500 works. It predominantly includes vedutas (panoramas), along with portrayals of traditional folk costume and views of early industrial facilities. In addition, the figurative portrayals of the events around the life of Archduke Johann have their own special brand of charm - most especially the popular story of his love for Anna Plochl, the daughter of the Bad Aussee’s postmaster.

In this exhibition, the Albertina presents the crowning jewels of this important collection, which has remained intact under the ownership of the Archduke’s heirs and was made available for public viewing for the first time here.

Curator: Maria Luise Sternath


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