Watercolor inside

, it´s about Composition-Drawing-Values-Water + Pigments.....  or the mechanic of painting

Plan your Composition

ore to find the rule of third ....

Fibonacci Spiral

Main rules


Picture is not a representation of what’s out there, it’s an interpretation

Technique is not the answer.  Expression (passion, content, intent, meaning) is the answer.

Colors don’t mean anything in themselves, mean what you set them up to mean

Design the Light


looking for something to paint   on  Landscape   Seascape   Water Life

The main elements that make a strong painting:      Subject     Composition and direction     Tonal map     Edges     Colors, warm and cool.

Predrawing Graphite Stick Woodless ,watersoluble


Rubber Putty

Value and all about the other things to know

 Colour value
          The value of a colour is its position on the grey scale (white to black axis): a colour is said to be rather light or rather dark.
  • Hue is color (blue, green, red, etc.).
  • Chroma is the purity of a color (a high chroma has no added black, white or gray).
  • Saturation refers to how strong or weak a color is (high saturation being strong).
  • Value refers to how light or dark a color is (light having a high value).
  • Tones are created by adding gray to a color, making it duller than the original.
  • Shades are created by adding black to a color, making it darker than the original.
  • Tints are created by adding white to a color, making it lighter than the original.

The Importance of Color Theory in Painting

M to Munsell



I   to  Itten in German

 Color Automatic    1  ,  2  ,   3  , 4

Any warm complements any cool

Carp Blue , Copyright by Blan 2013
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Things to check ....in the Toolbox.....






 Please drink Wine safe water for painting :)







Watercolor  Studio Paints

Watercolor  Plein Air Studio Paints

Watercolor  Paints Studio Sketch



H         Informations on reverence board from Handprint

benizimida yellow (either PY151 or PY154)
nickel dioxine yellow (PY153)
cadmium scarlet (or cadmium red light) (PR108)
perylene maroon (PR179)
quinacridone magenta (PR122)
ultramarine blue (PB29)
phthalo blue GS (PB15:3)
cerulean blue (PB35)
phthalo green BS (PG7) or
phthalo green YS (PG36)
gold ochre (PY42) or
yellow ochre (PY43)
burnt sienna (PBr7) or
transparent red oxide (PR101)

neutral tint, indigo or sepia

Handprint paint list for the basic palette

  • Granulation: the pigment particles attach themselves to the paper as a splotchy tone. Examples of this include Manganese blue, Ultramarine blue dark and Raw Sienna.
  • Flocculation: pigment particles aggregate together, giving the same effect as granulation. Examples include Viridian green light and dark, Green Earth and Raw Umber.


Pigment Opaque ,

Mijello Info´s

Charts of the most common Watercolorpaint Makers

  • Chart
  •  Mijello *
  •  Chart
  • Schmincke
  • Chart
  • Daler Rowney *
  • Chart
  • Sennelier
  • Chart
  • Daniel  Smith
  • Chart
  • Maimerie
  • Chart
  • Rembrant
  • Chart
  • M.Graham
  • Chart
  • Da Vinci 
  • Chart
  • A.Journey
  • Chart
  • Blockx
  • Chart
  • Grumbacher
  • Chart
  • Louvre
  • Chart
  • W & N
  • Chart
  • Reeves
  • Chart
  • Old Holland
  • Chart
  • St.Petersburg
  • Chart
  • Yarka
  • Chart
  • Lukas
  • Chart
  • Kremer *
  • Chart
  • Tintoretto
  • Chart
  • Zecchi
  • Chart

       Cretacolor        Pencil

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