Alter Ego....years ago , I started postings on Flickr  just funny photos  about the best familiy Dog Maltäser female named  " Schokohund " short cut "Schoko" , Miss Lou her younger sister , a black fured Labrator  also join the team a little bit later.

Simplicity brought me to put all my early Sketch works  onto  the same photostretch ....  so my alter ego was born :)


Inspecteur de Tabac
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BLAN ART .... inspirite by Nature and Imagination


Background .. after zero painting over decades , and a  real long bussy life in  Gastronomy & Food Art , i  opend my manifold opportunities to art and started steadily drawing  small Urban Ink Sketches .   

Started in 2012 , since then my focus has been more on  drawing Urban Sketches , turns out to go by Mountain Bike an paint Plein Air on the go , Found many beautyful hiden places in the River-Lake areas of  lower Styria ..  the River-Lakescapes and  Water-Creatures attract my interrests , and  1- 2-3 .... i stuck now in heavy watercolor painting .......

Mountain biking and painting fits pretty good , this needs  some upgrades on my painting gear , brought me to do little upgrades on  Material and small DIY Projects beside painting.


Austria,Graz ,04/2015 BLAN


Ps.: To make clear Schokohund & Miss Lou joins all the painting sessions ! Wuff Wuff


Schokohund , Miss Lou both Supervisor.


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